It's inevitable. Everyone's googled something, scoured the internet for answers to their burning questions, bubbling queries and strongest desires. Now, let me ask you, how many times have you actually achieved the goal that you had in mind when embarking on your search? How many times have you burnt out in Google's-

-whilst trying to find out how to fix your microwave that's belching smoke at the same rate as a bristly cop from a bad 80s show? How many times have you searched for a simple way to evenly toast each side of your desired bread to achieve a colour lighter than dark charcoal, and ended up on the completely opposite side of the internet, listlessly sifting through and endless stream of robot cat videos?

Well, highly doubt that the above experience is unfamiliar, especially seeming as you've managed to wallow your way this far across the Internet to stumble into this humble lil' rabbit hole of ours :).

The idea for this blog came about when my fellow 3rd-speaker-in-crime, Email, shared with our group chat one of his favourite recipes - custom designed, tested and developed to satisfy that post-debating craving that I'm fairly confident many of you would have unknowingly experienced, regardless if you are/were involved in the fine, mentally demanding sport of debating where you attempt to ruthlessly penetrate the arguments of your opponents. This recipe, along with a few shameless plugs for his iconic poetic sagas, Disembowelled Rats, sparked the idea for this blog; a collection of stories, life advice, recipes, experiences - a guide, if you will.

And thus, after undergoing a couple renovations and a temporary, surprising heart-fluttering termination, was transformed into what it is today - its ultimate form, if I might say:

Email Smooth and Japser Ewd's Complete (well, it might be one day) Guide for Life, Everyone and Everything.

Alors, je vous remercie de lire, and I hope you enjoy the cluster of things that will hopefully pop up on here in the days, months and years to come!

This article's Bonzi Buddy bids you a safe day, and hopes that he can learn a great deal from you!

TLDR/Quick summary for the lazies :P

Email and I will post any articles, stories, recipes, life advice, news, thoughts, videos, photos, and god knows what else to this cozy lil' blog whenever they pop up into our lives/heads, and when we consider them ready to share with the world (or whoever reads this, anyway)! Think of it as a collection of our collective thoughts - so you must be over 160cm to ride, and wade in with caution!

Look forward to a weird, wild, delectable and entertaining ride that will (hopefully) be difficult to scrub from your mind ;)

(why did I put the TLDR at the end, you may ask - because I'd rather you read the whole article, dummy!)