A late-night snack is an important part of any good debater’s toolkit, helping to wind down after a stressful night of debating. Having a good go-to late-night snack is an important part of the process, as ideally, the late-night snack is quickly and easily prepared, delicious and nutritious. Different people, understandably, have different tastes, and will have their own personal preferences for what they make, and if you have developed your own personal choice, this may not be of much interest to you. However, if you don’t have your own go-to snack, this could be is immense value to your life.

One key component, I have found, of the late-night snack, is the importance of comfort. The food needs to be comforting to you – this makes you warmer and happier inside. While it is not necessarily the case all the time, a general rule is that a warm food is ideal – having warmth brings that lovely feeling while eating of sitting in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea – the perfect mood for any evening.

Another key component to it, unsurprisingly, however much feared by health nuts worldwide, is the sugar! Sugar in a porridge is best added not in its granular form, but however in honey, which is able to be spread evenly and easily around a porridge. It also tastes great! When purchasing honey, ensure you use a good 100%  Australian-made honey, and avoid either Australian honey diluted with sugar from China or just Chinese fake honey in disguise. Getting authentic Australian honey is an important factor in the taste of your porridge, this is one detail you won’t want to miss.

The porridge with sweetness and warmth is fantastic, and a delight for all. However, it can be significantly improved by a bit of spice and fruity flavour. For this, we introduce cinnamon and strawberries! Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the top after adding honey, and stir it in. Then we will chop up strawberries into smaller pieces (5-cent coin sized), and stir it in, for a lovely strawberry flavour mixing with the honey and cinnamon to bring about an amazing dish. If no strawberries are to be found, alternatives include banana and blueberries.

Once you have your porridge, you may want to sit down and eat now… But wait five secs, there’s one more step to bring your meal from great to greater! A cup of earl grey (or perhaps an english breakfast) is the perfect addition to bring out the warmth and love in every porridge, so don’t skimp on it, and please, please, don’t put milk in your tea.

The humble porridge may be unassuming, but be warned – it is the perfect snack for any late night situation.